Summertime and Camping Season

By: Neil L. Kao, MD

It’s that time of year again for outdoor activities. There are plenty of risky situations for allergic reactions, but with good decision making and careful planning, these risks can be minimized.

Many parents are planning to have their child attend one of the many summer camps offered in the area.

Don’t Let Spring Pollen Prevent Outdoor Activities

By: Angelina Lombardi, MD

As winter fades and days become longer and warmer, many people have begun to plan outdoor activities such as gardening, home projects, picnics, sports, and trips. Although spring is a wonderful time of year for most individuals, it can be a nightmare for those who suffer from allergic diseases.

Top 5 Spring Allergy Mistakes to Avoid This Season

Do you sneeze and wheeze all spring long? If so, you may be making common mistakes that prevent you from keeping your allergy symptoms under control. The American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI) alerts allergy sufferers to avoid these five common mistakes:

  • Treating symptoms without knowing what you’re allergic to. 

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Back to school

Preparing to go back to School with Allergies and Asthma!

In a few weeks, the nation will begin the annual rite of students returning back to school. For people of all ages, if you or a loved one has allergies or asthma, there are simple steps that should be taken.