About Allergic Disease and Asthma Center


Dr. Allen Bruce was the first Allergy specialist to open a practice in the Greenville area. The first office opened in 1976 and was located on Vardry Street near Greenville High School. The office later moved to one of our current locations on Memorial Medical Drive. Dr. Bruce retired from the practice in 2015.

Dr. Emmanuel Sarmiento joined the practice in 1995. He saw Greenville, S.C. as an area with a growing need for allergy and asthma care. Dr. Sarmiento and Dr. Bruce then expanded and opened a satellite location on Woodruff Road. The office soon reached its capacity and a new office was built in 1999 at 1202 East Butler Road to accommodate our growing number of patients.

In 2000, Allergic Disease and Asthma Center was in need for an additional allergist. Dr. Neil Kao then joined the practice and expansion moved on into the Spartanburg area. We operated in a modular building for a few years and in 2006 we celebrated the opening of another beautiful facility at 3020 Reidville Road in Spartanburg, S.C.

Allergic Disease and Asthma Center hired Dr. Angelina Lombardi to help with the growing number of patients in the area in 2016. She has been an allergist in the upstate since 1994.

At Allergic Disease and Asthma Center, we treat both adults and pediatric patients. Dr. Sarmiento, Dr. Kao and Dr. Lombardi are all board certified in allergy, asthma and immunology. The goals of all our physicians are to continuously keep our practice updated with the latest developments in the allergy field. We also seek to find new and more effective ways to treat and control their patients’ symptoms and conditions.

Allergic Disease and Asthma Center employs 28 staff members. We have a research department and are currently participating in several studies in asthma and allergy. Allergic Disease and Asthma Center sees approximately 1500 new patients annually. We provide care for approximately 10,000 sick and follow up patients per year. In addition, our office administers an approximate 40,000 allergy injections annually.