FDA announces EpiPen shortage

FDA announces EpiPen shortage

By: WSPA 7News

The FDA declared the shortage Wednesday, saying there were supply disruptions.

Patients who need the life-saving medicine may have to look harder or turn to a different brand.

Dr. Emmanuel Sarmiento, an allergy and immunology specialist in Greenville, says some patients are already calling him with concerns.

The shortage comes at a time when more people are outdoors enjoying the spring weather.

Dr. Sarmiento prescribes an adrenaline or epinephrine in the form of EpiPen, Adrenacklick, or Auvi-Q for severely allergic patients to carry at all times.

Dr. Sarmiento says there’s still plenty of AUVI-Q.

An alternative is to pre-draw epinephrine in a syringe to have for emergencies.

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